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Criminal charges can change your entire life. On top of that, law enforcement tends to target those most vulnerable — those who may not know what to do to protect their rights.

The Law Office of Georgina Garcia is here for you. Our criminal law firm is passionate about standing up for individuals and families across the Dallas area who are facing the daunting criminal justice system. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate the charges against you, so you can go back to living your life.

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“I fight for every client. The prosecution believes you are guilty from the start. You deserve to be heard. I fight for your freedom.” – Georgina Garcia

Whether you are pulled over for drunk driving or are arrested for domestic violence, you may not know what to do next. Part of being your lawyer is being your guide, your ally and your counselor.

Our principal attorney, Georgina Garcia, prioritizes accessible and thorough counsel above all else, making herself available for whatever questions or concerns you have over the duration of your case. When the stakes are this high, we keep you fully informed and educated so you can make the best decisions for you, your family and your future.




dui & criminal DEFENSE 

Our bilingual Dallas Criminal Defense Attorneys fight to keep you out of jail. Call today for a free consultation.

You don’t have to go through this alone. Se habla español – our law firm has helped numerous clients, including many Hispanics in Texas, work through the challenges that come with criminal charges. Even if you have already been convicted, we can help you get an expungement, post bail or otherwise get released from jail. Trust in our law firm to help you get back on your feet.

When you are an immigrant or naturalized citizen, one criminal conviction can have even farther-reaching consequences. Your visa may be at risk, and you could even be deported. Our firm understands the sensitivity of these issues, and works closely with you and your immigration attorney to provide holistic counsel that addresses all of your legal concerns, protecting you today and in the years to come.

Call our office at 214-969-5400 to get started with a free criminal defense consultation, or reach out online to make an appointment. We are happy to help.

Dallas Criminal Defense Law Firm

See why so many of the accused in Dallas turn to Georgina for their legal representation. Check out our video below.

Dallas DUI & DWI Law Firm

Dallas is a party town. From the Cowboys to the nightlife, DUI’s and DWI’s are going to happen. We fight to protect your legal rights after an accusation. 

If you have been accused of a DUI or DWI, contacting a Dallas DWI Attorney might be your best bet. Georgina Garcia has over two decades of success fighting for the rights of the accused in Texas. As a decorated Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer, Georgina has handled hundreds, if not thousands of cases over her career. From AVVO to Super Lawyers she has been recognized as a top rated DWI and Criminal Defense Attorney. Click below to schedule a free Dallas Criminal Defense Consultation. Se Habla Espanol.


call now for a free consultation

call now for a free consultation

Don’t take on the prosecution alone, talk to a Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney today. Georgina Garcia will FIGHT to defend your rights and protect your best interests in court. Call now to speak to her directly.

Why Choose Georgina Garcia?

Texas Doesn’t Play Around With Criminal Charges

If you’re going to commit a crime, don’t do it in Texas. Unlike other states, Texas looks at itself as a country within a country. Drug offenses, fraud, and violent crimes are punished swiftly and heavily here in Dallas, TX. If you, or a loved one, have been charges with a crime please call our law office today. For over 20 years The Law Offices of Georgina Garcia has fought tirelessly for the rights of the accused in Dallas. 

Don’t let anxiety or stress get in your way when it comes to hiring the best criminal defense attorney for you and your case. We provide FREE criminal defense consultations in Dallas. Please, call us now if you have any questions about defending your freedom and fighting your criminal charges. Se Habla Espanol. 

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Dallas, TX

We know you have options when searching for Criminal Defense Lawyers in Dallas, TX. Whether you’re facing a DWI or a Drug Charge, speaking to criminal defense attorneys can help you determine which legal path is best for you. Georgina Garcia has over 20 years of success as a Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney. She has won numerous awards and her clients always tell her how thankful they are that they found her. 

A Criminal charge can create all sorts of anxieties and personal problems. Call our law firm today to find out what we can do to help defend your rights.


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