Top-Rated Attractions in Dallas, TX

Must-See Attractions in Dallas, TX

Like most towns, Dallas features several attractions for fun. But if you are looking for the best of them all, you may want to consider some of these. Find more information here.

Giant Eyeball

Heading along Main Street on the edge of the Dallas Arts District, you’ll find yourself being stared down by a humungous blue eye. This 9.1-meter fiberglass sculpture by multimedia artist Tony Tasset was completed in 2007 for an installation in Chicago before finding a new home in Dallas. See here for information about Dallas, TX is a Shopping Hotspot.

Reunion Tower

One of the towers that make Dallas, Dallas, arrived at the south of Dealey Plaza in 1978. The Ball, the 171-meter Reunion Tower, is four narrow shafts (one cylindrical and thee rectangular) crowned with an openwork geodesic dome illuminated at night by 259 LEDs. The elevators are in the three rectangular shafts, and on the 68-second ride to the GeO-Deck, you’ll get a stirring view of Dallas through the shaft’s outer glass panel.

Arts District

Dallas lays claim to the largest urban arts district in the United States, on 20 square blocks to the south-east of Uptown, and with a rare cultural attractions’ concentration. There are also tons of architectural interest, in monuments like the neo-Gothic Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin Guadalupe (1902), with a 68-meter spire and 100 stained glass windows.