Things To Expect in the Initial Consultation with a Criminal Defense Attorney

What can you expect when you meet your criminal defense attorney for the initial consultation? Do not panic! The Law Office of Georgina Garcia has some tips to help you prepare for a meeting with a criminal defense attorney. More can be found here.

Questions from the Attorney

For your criminal defense attorney to represent you effectively, they must fully understand your situation. Expect to answer detailed questions about yourself and the events that led up to your criminal charges. These might include what you did and who else was involved, what you said and to whom, where you were when the officers arrested you, and more. Learn more about The Roles of a Criminal Defense Attorney.

Professional Advice

After understanding your situation, a professional criminal defense attorney will discuss your options and choose solutions that best suit your situation. In this case, they will help you make informed decisions on how your lawsuit will be handled and what to do to obtain favorable outcomes.

Going Over the Legal Fees

An excellent criminal defense attorney will be upfront with you about the charges for their services. In most instances, the initial consultation is free. If you choose a lawyer, you will have to work out a reasonable payment plan.