Qualities that Define a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

Dealing with a criminal charge can be an overwhelming experience. Given the legal impacts of a conviction, enlisting the services of a criminal defense attorney should not be taken for granted. In this post, The Law Office of Georgina Garcia has highlighted the qualities that define an ideal criminal defense attorney. Learn more here.


If you want a professional attorney to help with your criminal case, you should choose one who specializes in criminal law. The attorney will have undergone thorough training and have extensive knowledge in criminal law. They can come up with great defenses to get you out of trouble. Learn more about Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Criminal Defense Attorney.


A good criminal defense attorney will have at least five years of experience in handling criminal cases. An experienced attorney will increase your chances of winning your case. That is because they understand the ins and outs of criminal law.

Excellent Communicator

Having an attorney with excellent communication skills will be an invaluable way to win your criminal case. A good criminal defense attorney can communicate legal advice in a way that you understand best. Besides being a good communicator, a good criminal defense attorney will be a good listener. This way, they can address your concerns and respond to your questions clearly.