Major Attractions in Dallas, TX

Every city has those major attractions that put them on the global map. These are the places that push most people to travel to that particular place because they just want to experience it fully. Dallas isn’t an exception. There are certain landmarks and attractions that put this great city on the global map, and a tour of the city would almost be incomplete without stopping by one of these places. Information can be found here.

Giant Eyeball

Sitting right at the heart of downtown Dallas, the Giant Eyeball is exactly what it says it is, a giant eyeball. Standing at 30 feet tall, this is one of the most unusual attractions in the country. Regardless, it is quite famous and eye-catching (pun intended), and you just have to look for it any time you are in Texas. Read about Dallas, TX Is A Theatre Lovers’ City here. 

Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures

Livestock trade and cattle drives represent a very significant part of Texan history, so these sculptures are a literal representation of a part of the history of Texas. It is a very attractive site, and you get to learn a lot more about the livestock culture in Texas. A trip to Dallas wouldn’t be complete without stopping by one of these places.