Guide To Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

The right criminal defense attorney will decrease your chances of accruing penalties and can move your case along efficiently to lower possible court fees. But how do you choose the right attorney from the many options available? The Law Office of Georgina Garcia has a guide for you! Find further facts here.

Do Your Homework

As you go about hiring a criminal defense attorney, you need to do some extensive research. Scout out reputable law firms that practice criminal law in your area or by consulting people within your circle. Once you find a firm, make sure to visit their website to see who makes up the criminal defense attorneys team. Most legal firms include detailed biographies of their attorneys, including their training and education, legal background, and specializations. Depending on these biographies, find a lawyer that is a good match for your criminal case. Read about Tips That Will Help You Find a Great Criminal Defense Attorney here. 

Interview Your Prospective Lawyers

With your shortlist of attorneys, interview each of them. Take note of their track record in handling criminal cases like yours. Take note of the questions they ask about your case and the explanation they give you about what to expect during the process. Also, discuss the attorney’s fees and how they are billed during the process.