Explore the Best of Dallas

If you’re new to town, you should consider taking one of the many tours offered for the city. It gives you a chance to explore the very best of the city as well as learn a few things about Dallas and its history. You get to see a lot that you would have otherwise not been able to see. Here are some of the top-rated, fun tours of Dallas. Click here for facts about Dallas, TX. 

Reunion Tower GeO-Deck Observation Ticket

This tour is of the Reunion Tower, which has an indoor/outdoor observation deck located 470 feet (143 meters) above the ground. At the observation deck, you get a breathtaking 360-degree view of Dallas from one of the highest points. During the day, you get to see the beautiful skyline and all of the city while at night you get a completely different view with the whole city lit up, so it is advisable that you try both. Information about Top Rated Spas in Dallas, TX can be found here. 

2-Hour Historic Dallas Segway Tour

Just like the name suggests, this tour gives you an opportunity to explore the city in style. With an easy to use Segway, you are taken through historic landmarks and other important sites such as Pioneer Plaza, the John F Kennedy Memorial, Arts District, and Dealey Plaza. If you’d love to see the best of Dallas, these options are highly recommendable.