Dallas, TX is a Nature Wonderworld

Interacting with Nature in Dallas, TX

When it comes to fun related to fauna and flora, Dallas has several spots to interact with nature as much as you wish. Some of the top-rated areas include. Information can be found here. 

Texas Discovery Gardens

Also, at the historic Fair Park, the Texas Discovery Gardens is a botanical garden in 7.5 acres, growing native and exotic plants from around the world that have adapted to the problematic soils and climate of North Texas. This is the first public garden certified 100% organic by the Texas Organic Research Center and is irrigated via sustainable water conservation methods. See here for information about Dallas, TX is a History Lover’s Town.

Dallas World Aquarium

In the West End Historic District, this aquarium in a reworked warehouse from 1924 has more than just fish. Mundo Maya keeps ocelots, American flamingos, and various colorful passerine birds and owls to go with its vibrant angelfish and axolotls. The upper floor is taken over to reproduce the Orinoco Rainforest, inhabited by sloths, giant river otters, and primates like pygmy marmosets and red howler monkeys dwarf caimans.

Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo would be a worthwhile family outing even without its greatest attraction. But the Giants of the Savanna habitat is not something you’ll come across very often. This $32.5-million habitat, unveiled in 2011, has reticulated giraffes, zebras, impala, ostriches, and guinea fowl sharing the same ample space.