Dallas, TX is a Kid-Centric Fun Hub

Amusement Parks for Fun in Dallas, TX

Amusement parks are the perfect fun haven for kids and adults. And Dallas is one hell of a family-friendly town with fun-filled amusement parks. Your whole family, including the young ones, can visit these spots for remarkable moments. Click here for facts about Dallas, TX.

Some of them include:

Six Flags Over Texas

The first-ever Six Flags theme park was established in Arlington about halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth. This is a day trip not to pass up, especially if you’re in town with children or teenagers. The littlest thrill-seekers will love the rides and entertainment at Bugs Bunny Boomtown, while bigger adrenaline fiends will have 13 rollercoasters and three water rides to take on. Click here to read about Dallas, TX is Full of Parks.

Zero Gravity Amusement Park

Known as the world’s only ‘Thrill Amusement Park,’ Zero Gravity features five intense attractions that all give an adrenaline rush as big as Texas. Bungee Jump off a 7-story drop, glide over 100 feet in the air on Sky coaster, rocket straight up at 70 mph on the Texas Blastoff, free fall 16-stories on Nothing’ but Net, or better yet, get strapped into a 165-foot propeller and experience more speed than a space shuttle takeoff on the Skyscraper.