Dallas, TX is a History Lover’s Town

History Buff Experience in Dallas

If you are a history lover looking to explore Dalla’s historical past, you will surely not miss that. The town features several landmark historic spots full of history and other past events worth learning.  Learn information about Dallas, TX here. 

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

It’s a morbid part of Dallas’s long history for sure. President John F. Kennedy, Jr., was murdered in downtown Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. Now, that little corner of downtown—Dealey Plaza—has become a historical site both for those commemorating Kennedy’s legacy and conspiracy theorists sharing their version of what happened that fateful November day. Discover facts about Dallas, TX Is Chock-Full of Museums.

Swiss Avenue Historic District

This fifty-block neighborhood possesses America’s largest contingent of prairie-style homes, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. For sightseers on foot or by car, the most picturesque part is the four-block, 57-acre Swiss Avenue Historic District, between Fitzhugh Street and a little way north of La Vista. Along with Prairie School, preserved houses in the district include Colonial Revival and various other opulent historicist styles like Tudor, Italian Renaissance, Spanish, Queen Anne, and Craftsman.

Dallas County Courthouse

Affectionately known as Old Red, it is impossible to miss the courthouse, for its turrets and soaring central tower dates to 1892 and lost its governmental role. Since 2007 this grand building has held the Old Red Museum.