Best Golf Courses in Dallas, TX

Golf provides one of the best leisure activities here in America. As long as the weather is friendly, you can easily kill boredom with an afternoon of golf. It’s even better when you are with friends and family because you can compete and see who is the best. Dallas has a few good golf courses you can go to, but here are some of the best and most preferred by the locals. Learn more facts here.

Keeton Park Golf Course

Located in East Dallas, the Keeton Park Golf Course is one of the best places to go golfing while in Dallas. The course provides an interesting mix of exciting and challenging, which is all you could ask for. It features 18 holes and is ideal for the average golfer and also one who is just starting to learn. Read about Amazing Architectural Buildings in Dallas, TX here. 

Stevens Park Golf Course

With undulating greens, well-maintained grass, and awesome views of the Dallas skyline, this is the perfect remedy for a boring afternoon. It is shorter than other courses in the area, which makes things very interesting if you are competing because every hole counts. Steven Park Golf Course also has polite staff who are always willing to help when you need them. Whether you’ve done golfing before or not, you are going to love these courses.