Best Art Galleries & Art Museums in Dallas, TX

If you enjoy art and love looking at different masterpieces in different media by a range of different artists, then Dallas is the town for you. There are plenty of art galleries and art museums that have some really amazing exhibits that you are guaranteed to love. Whether with a friend, alone or with your partner, these art tours are always enjoyable. Below are some of the best art galleries in Dallas. Clicking here will deliver more on Dallas, TX.

Rainbow Vomit

Highly rated as one of the most immersive art exhibits in the city, Rainbow Vomit is here to give you an experience like no other. They have a beautiful photographic installation that includes over 9000 LEDs, 5000 balloons, 250 pounds of cotton, 4 miles of ribbon, and a unicorn. The locals absolutely love this place, with words like whimsical, magical, and enjoyable, among others being used to describe the experience. Information about Best Golf Courses in Dallas, TX can be found here. 

Meadows Museum

This art museum has a permanent collection of Spanish art that is widely regarded as one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world. It features works from the 10th through the 21st centuries by such masters as Dalí, Velázquez, Goya, Miró, and Picasso. If you enjoy exploring art, the following options are definitely for you.